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Hi lovelies! Most of you must have known from my previous posts about zaron that i am a zaron distributor. Over the couple of weeks, i have had to entertain series of questions about the products and this, therefore prompted the need to talk extensively about the products ie its function, composition and application (where necessary). 

Today i’d be talking about the zaron “face” products. These are the products that are used on the face and they are powder (mattifying compact and loose), foundation, concealer, hyperblush, face primer, face definer, perfect finish, finishing powder and face palette.


Mattifying  compact

Zaron mattifying compact powder @ 3500NGN

The Zaron mattifying compact powder is an oil free, light weight powder. It contains SPF30 (sun protecting factor) which helps to protect the skin from the harmful ray of sun. It blots out oily shine and gives it a matte finishing look. Its available in eleven (11) shades. ZZ10ZZ50, ZZ60 and ZZ65.

Loose powder

Zaron loose powder @ 2500NGN

The Zaron loose powder is an oil free, light weight powder which contains SPF30. It sets the make up, soften the skin colours and makes the skin soft. It also gives the face full sheer coverage  and makes the skin look natural. Its available in five(5) shades LZ05LZ25.


Zaron perfect blend cream to powder @ 3500NGN

The Zaron foundation is known as perfect blend cream to powder foundation. It is an oil-free formula applied to the face to create an even and uniform skin tone and it gives the appearance of a flawless skin. It also gives a perfect full coverage. It contains SPF30. Its available in nine (9) shades, MZ10  MZ50. 

Application: Apply either with a sponge, brush or finger tips, then blend evenly to achieve an even and uniform tones. 


Zaron concealer @ 1700NGN

The Zaron concealer is a cream based concealer which gives a maximum coverage and conceals all spots and blemishes. It is a perfect concealer for the eye brow. It comes in a very attractive package – a retractable tube. It is available in five (5) shades, NZ05 – NZ25. 

Hyper – blush

Zaron hyper – blush @ 2200NGN

The Zaron hyper – blush is an highly pigmented and intense blush colour that adds natural colour to the face. It brightens the face in the most desirable way. It is matte, oil free, longlasting and provides a radiant blush of colour to accentuate the face naturally. It is available in four (4) shades mudfest, electric crush, rose charm and siren. 

Face primer 

Zaron face primer @ 3500NGN

The Zaron face primer is an oil free, clear, gel like, odourless make up base. It refines the skin, makes it flawless and gives the face a silky feel. It allows make up to glide on the face really well, increases its longevity (helps it last longer) and prevents foundation from looking cakey. It also helps to even out skin tone and it is used by all skin shades.

Face definer 

Zaron face definer @ 3500NGN

The Zaron face definer is a special combination of highlight, contour and bronzing powder. It is made of 3 palette which contains a matte highlight, matte contour and a shimmery bronzer. All the three parts are highly pigmented. It is available in four (4) shades, PZ05 – PZ20.

Perfect finish   

Zaron perfect finish @ 3500NGN

The Zaron perfect finish is an instant moisturizing and relaxing mist that freshens and treats the skin with its ultra fine micro droplets. It is a light weight spray, comfortable and sets all types of make up. It is designed to set the make up to perfection and aid longevity for much needed all day wear even under extreme weather conditions like heat and humidity.


  • Apply over foundation or finished make up
  • Spray lightly 12 – 16 inches away from the face with eyes closed
  • Allow to dry.
  • Can be worn before or after make up.

Finishing powder 

Zaron finishing powder @ 3500NGN

The Zaron compact finishing powder is a light weight, matte, silky and transluscent finishing powder. It is easy to apply, controls shine (perfect as a blotting powder) and suitable for all skin types. This ‘one shade fits all’ powder brightens the face, minimises the appearance of large pores and fine lines giving the face a perfect finish.

Face palette

Zaron face palette @ 20000NGN

The Zaron face palette is made up of sixteen (16) palettes which is a combination of nine (9) shades of mattifying compact powder and seven (7) shades of perfect blend cream to powder. It contains SPF30. It is a very useful tool for make up artist and it gives a flawless look when used.
There you have it! When next, i will be talking about the Zaron ‘eyes’ products. All these products and more are available for grabs. Call/whatsapp 08094212253 or bbm 7B66290C to place your order and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

NB: delivery aint free. Delivery within Lagos is payment on delivery while delivery outside Lagos is payment before delivery.

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Wedding guest

This is late post. Twas meant to have been posted yesterday but PHCN dey do us strong thing. No light since saturday. I think am gonna be adding power bank to my wishlist for next month

So back to the matter, had loads of fun this weekend. On saturday, a friend of mine got married and i was invited to grace the occassion. We’ve known each other way back from Laspotech and we were also fortunate to meet in LASU again, same course same department. It was fun cos i saw some of our colleagues from Laspotech and LASU whom have not seen for quite some time after we graduated. For this wedding i wore a peach net lace iro and blouse styled with a red bead necklace with earring and hand band. They had aso ebi but i couldnt get cos of the short notice. Congratulations dearie. God bless your home.

Bride and friends

My laspotech folks, good to see you all!

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Marvellous Natural Honey

Hi lovelies! Today am gonna be talking about a product that is tested and trusted. Like we all know there are so many honey out there that claims to be natural but one will later discover that its adulterated. This honey is natural and trust me when i say its natural, its natural! Honey is very beneficial to the body and better than sugar in so many ways.

Disadvantages of taking Sugar

Sugary foods make up a large part of the average diet because they taste sweet but they pose threat to our body
Causes Tooth decay

Nutrient-dense foods, such as Honey, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, supply the vitamins and minerals your teeth and gums require for good health. Sugary foods don’t supply these nutrients and also negatively impact your oral health. The acids in sugar destroy the protective enamel on your teeth, which leads to cavities and decay. The more sugar you consume, the more likely dental decay you have

 Weight Gain

Research has it that One teaspoon of sugar contains 15 calories, which can add hundreds of extra calories to ur daily caloric intake. Over time, these extra calories can lead to unhealthy weight gain, excess body fats and bulgy stomach.

Health issues

Gaining too much weight by eating sugary foods increases your risk of hypertension, diabetes, depression and certain types of cancer. High-sugar intake might also contribute to an increased risk of heart disease.

Candid advice

knowing the disadvantages of consuming too much sugar, and the dangers it poses to ones health, thats the reason why Marvelous Natural Organic Honey is here to motivate you to take charge of your health and reduce the intake of sugar. Here’s the deal, whenever the need arises to take sugar, substitute with honey!

Enjoy the richness of Natural Honey with no fear. Place a call through to  08059777721(calls & text msg only). 
Size: 500ML
Amount: #1,500 delivery #500

To order:
Send ur name, number and full address to 08059777721. (delivery in lagos only)

(Money back Guaranteed)

®Marvelous Natural Honey
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Zaron products (2)

The brand ambassador beautiful Rita Dominic

Hello beautiful people! I promised  here that i will post the pictures of the remaining products. Here i am to fulfil my promise. Its still ur gurl, zaron babe who has made zaron products easily accessible to everyone. You need not worry or stress yourself, all you need to do is call/whatsapp 08094212253, 07033734553 or bbm 7B66290C and we will be there at your doorstep to deliver it to you. Here are some of the pictures

Felt tip pen eyeliner @ 2000NGN
Eye pencil @ 1000NGN
Lashes @ 1200NGN
Lash glue @ 1600NGN
Ultra shine lipgloss @ 1700NGN
Luxurious lipgloss @ 1800NGN
Lip pencil @ 1000NGN
Moisturizing lipstick @ 2000NGN
Eclipse lipstick @ 2200NGN
Matte lipstick @ 3000NGN
Lipstick pen @ 1700NGN
Lipstain (matte lipgloss) @ 3200NGN
Face pallette @ 20000NGN
Make up bag @ 2600NGN
Mini brush set @ 5000NGN
Angle brush @ 1300NGN
Powder brush @ 2000NGN
Contour brush @ 3500NGN
Sharpener @ 700NGN
Professional brush set @ 15300NGN

Please note that deliveries aint free. Delivery within Lagos is payment on delivery while delivery outside Lagos is payment before delivery. Zaron………..redefining the essence of beauty! Like us on facebook @kristeenarevolution and follow us on twitter @missyeancah and on instagram @kristiezaron.

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Zaron products.

Its no longer news that am a zaron babe :). Quality zaron products available for grabs. All you need to do is just to call 08094212253, 07033734553 or bbm 7B66290C and it will be delivered @ your doorstep within 24hours. No stress, no wahala. Here are some of the products.

Mattifying compact powder @ 3500NGN
Perfect blend cream to powder (foundation) @ 3500NGN
Loose powder @ 2500NGN
Face definer @ 3500NGN
Face primer @ 3500NGN
Perfect finish @ 3500NGN
Finishing powder @ 3500NGN
Eye-shadow pallette duo blush @ 3500NGN
Blush @ 2200NGN
Concealer @ 1700NGN
Eye brow definer @ 2000NGN
Lengthening mascara @ 2100NGN
Volumizing mascara @ 2300NGN
Uno eye-shadow @ 1200NGN
Duo eye shadow @ 1400NGN
Trio eye shadow @ 1500NGN
Retractable gel eye liner @ 1800NGN
Liquid liner @ 1800NGN
Gel eye liner @ 2000NGN
Eye primer @ 2000NGN

Will post the remaining products later. Please note that DELIVERIES AINT FREE. Deliveries within Lagos is payment on delivery while deliveries outside Lagos is payment before delivery. Please like us on facebook @kristeenarevolution and follow us on twitter @missyeancah and on instagram @kristiezaron.

Zaron……….redefining the essence of beauty!

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