How to style the jacket – the corporate look

Jacket is one piece of clothing that is a must-have for everyone. It has been helping humanity since 1900 ğŸ˜‚ . It could be styled either in the casual look or in the corporate look. 

For today’s post, i chose to style it in the corporate look. I love this peach jacket so much! Got it from Eko (Lagos island). I like to do most my shopping in Eko cos there,  you will get varieties. This peach jacket is very affordable. Trust me when i say its affordable, it is! You do not need to break the bank inorder to look good or stylish

My lovely peach jacket was styled with a cream camisol, a white bead and a carton colour skirt and ofcourse my black open toe point heel shoe. You could choose to wear pant trouser instead of skirt, and it could be worn to office, seminar, conference and church (wore mine to church on sunday). And guess what? I made this skirtwhoop! I sew most of my clothes myself. Some of these pictures were taken in church ( i talked about my church  Here and  Here ) while some were taken in my sitting room at home. Enjoy!

I’d like to hear your jacket story.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Author: Christie Adekoya

Microbiologist, Zaron cosmetics distributor, Teacher, Sewista. I blog about Zaron, fashion and style. l blog about everything.

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