Wedding guest

This is late post. Twas meant to have been posted yesterday but PHCN dey do us strong thing. No light since saturday. I think am gonna be adding power bank to my wishlist for next month

So back to the matter, had loads of fun this weekend. On saturday, a friend of mine got married and i was invited to grace the occassion. We’ve known each other way back from Laspotech and we were also fortunate to meet in LASU again, same course same department. It was fun cos i saw some of our colleagues from Laspotech and LASU whom have not seen for quite some time after we graduated. For this wedding i wore a peach net lace iro and blouse styled with a red bead necklace with earring and hand band. They had aso ebi but i couldnt get cos of the short notice. Congratulations dearie. God bless your home.

Bride and friends

My laspotech folks, good to see you all!

Thanks for stopping by.

Sincerely yours,



Author: Christie Adekoya

Microbiologist, Zaron cosmetics distributor, Teacher, Sewista. I blog about Zaron, fashion and style. l blog about everything.

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