Borrow borrow hat 

Hello everyone! Its good to be back, so sorry for the long absence. My phone was faulty and i was tired of using borrowed phone to update. I talked about it here. Thank God i have finally gotten one after saving part of my salary lol. 
I got a Gionee M5 mini. Its affordable sha and am enjoying it. Its very smart. Make i no talk too much jare cos dem no pay me money for advert 🙂

So back to my borrow borrow hat o. I was sitting jeje in my class o (summer coaching is on) when a colleague brought this hat that we should take some snapshot with it. The hat was meant for a graduating student who couldnt make it to the graduation party. So you now understand the reason why i called it borrow borrow hat lol. This my colleague like taking picture like die and i still dey wonder who like picture pass for the two of us  lol.

Wat do u think of the hat?

Me i sure like it and its already part of my wishlist. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Sincerely yours, 



Author: Christie Adekoya

Microbiologist, Zaron cosmetics distributor, Teacher, Sewista. I blog about Zaron, fashion and style. l blog about everything.

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