One Life


He was born in a stable;
in an obscure village;
from where He traveled less than 200 miles;
He never won an election;
He never went to college;
He never owned a home;
He never had a lot of money;
He became a nomadic preacher;
Popular opinion turned against Him;
He was betrayed by a close friend; and his other friends ran away;
He was unjustly condemned to death;
crucified on a cross among thieves;


on a hill overlooking the town dump;
and when dead laid in a borrowed grave;
twenty centuries have come and gone;
empires have risen and fallen;
mighty armies have marched;
and powerful rulers have reigned;
yet no one affected man as much as He;
He is the central figure of the human race;
He is the messiah;
the son of God, JESUS CHRIST.


Author: Christie Adekoya

Microbiologist, Zaron cosmetics distributor, Teacher, Sewista. I blog about Zaron, fashion and style. l blog about everything.

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