Certificate Wahala!


I was at work last week busy with my students when my roomie sent me a ping that if i do not pay for my certificate before Friday last week i would have to pay 20k starting from Monday of the following week. I told her that’s not gonna be possible, how can it skyrocket from 5k to 20k so wasn’t even worried about it at that instant. Not long after that, another ping came in from a friend telling me the same thing. na so fear start to dey catch me o.

Cos there was no time to go and pay and to avoid stories that touches the heart, my roomie came to my rescue and went to pay on my behalf last week Friday. That same day LASU released a bulletin to debunk the rumor. chai the person wey start the rumor did a very good job, we plenty wey e catch o. i just dey wonder why it took LASU so long to release the bulletin sha.

So here i am in LASU my alma mater. chai! didn’t realize how much have missed this school until i got in. Appreciated LASU more during my youth service when i met other microbiologists from other institutions. Whenever we were discussing about microbiology in general. i usually hear comments like “ehen ehen so LASU used to teach” no na play we dey play for LASU lol.

So I decided to bring back good memories of LASU, here are some pix i took at some of my favorite places during my undergraduate days.







with ore mi atata, toluyne


Dat big bag you carry when you go to collect certificate, lol

twas fun all the way, saw a lot of my colleagues. twas good to see you all.

photo credit: Tolulope Ademiluwa

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Author: Christie Adekoya

Microbiologist, Zaron cosmetics distributor, Teacher, Sewista. I blog about Zaron, fashion and style. l blog about everything. kristiebaby1@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Certificate Wahala!”

  1. Well, rumours spread like sunshine and gets one off balance when it’s not mutually exclusive. Love all the pictures back to back, you’re as pretty as always. Nice work

    Liked by 1 person

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