New year resolution

Its usually a norm or should i call it tradition that at the beginning of every new year, we tend to make resolution. these resolutions are set of things one needs to achieve before the year runs out and they are tagged new year resolution.

Oftentimes we tend to set new year resolutions that one cant even achieve in 100 years to come, me sef i dey guilty of tbat one ke. Towards the end of 2015, i reflected on the new year resolution i set and discovered that i was able to achieve just few. For this year 2016 i told myself NO NEW YEAR RESOLUTION! instead i decided to set goals. goals that are realistic and achievable with the help God. i decided that the goals will be written and pasted where it can be seen and read regularly.

My goals for 2016 are:

-to be a better me, worry less, forgive easily and not keep grudge;

-to serve God more with my time, talent and money. to meditate more on His word;

-to read more. i decided i wanna read atleast 5 motivational books this year. we all know that readers are leaders. trust me am gonna give you an update on each book;

-to improve academically, to learn more. we all know the saying dat we stop learning the moment we die;

-to sew more. i wanna improve my sewing skill. i be sewista 🙂 ;

-to improve my marketing skills of zaron. i be zaron babe and i wan make plenty money 🙂 .

There we go! these are set goals for 2016. Why do we set new year resolutions and not even achieve them? i’d like from you. share your thoughts with me.

What are your set goals/new year resolutions for 2016. feel free to share them with me. i’d love to read them.

Sincerely yours,