For some of us who are catholics, we are very much aware that we are in the season of advent according to the church’s liturgical calender. Today’s homily was centered on forgiveness and repentance and i felt it is good to share what i learnt with you.

The first step in forgiveness is self forgiveness ie to forgive oneself first before seeking forgiveness from God. one might be wondering how that is possible. it goes thus: once you have acknowledge that you sinned you need to contrite of the sin, that way u have forgiven urself.

Then you proceed to the next step by seeking God’s forgiveness. Judas iscariot was contrite of his sin but never asked God for pardon. he died of self condemnation. As Christians its very important we seek God’s forgiveness even after we have forgiven ourself. we shouldnt allow devil the accuser to keep accusing us of our sins

Finally we should seek forgiveness from our neighbour or those we offended. we should try to be at peace with everyone. May the Good help us as we await His coming in glory

#Advent #Maranatha #ComeLordJesus

Hope its worth sharing. i hope to hear from you!